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Elizabeth C. Schenk

Elizabeth C. Schenk

Adjunct Professor
Elizabeth C. Schenk
Adjunct Professor

Human health is affected by many factors. Nursing has long been concerned with the individual in the context of his or her environment, which often meant family, or immediate surroundings. At this point in our human history, it is clear that human health is also affected by the condition of the larger natural environment. Effects on human health can be positive such as health benefits from being outdoors, or from having handsome views of natural landscapes. Or health effects can be negative, such as the effects of climate change on health, or health impacts from exposures to toxic chemicals. Health care, including nursing practice, serves the purpose of creating, achieving, and sustaining health for the people and communities it serves. At the same time, health care itself furthers damage to the natural environment through the significant contributions it makes to climate change, waste accumulation, and the use of environmental toxicants. Nurses are guided by their standard of practice, which states “The registered nurse practices in an environmentally safe and healthy manner.” Yet, the topic of environmental impacts of health care and nursing practice is not routinely addressed in education curricula. In order to decrease the harm caused by environmentally damaging health care practices, information about the topic needs to be addressed in the education of clinical professionals.

At the same time, little is known about the awareness of practicing nurses of environmental impacts of nursing practice. In response to this gap, I developed the Nurses Environmental Awareness Tool, to measure nurse awareness and associated behaviors. This set of six scales can be adapted to other clinical professions to measure awareness and behaviors related to the environmental impacts of health care in clinical settings.


  • PhD Nursing, Washington State University, Spokane, WA
  • MHI Healthcare Innovation, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • BS Nursing, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
  • BA Botany, University of Montana, Missoula, MT


  • Spirit of the Heart Award, 2006
  • Environmental Leadership Circle Inductee for St. Patrick Hospital, 2010
  • Advocate of the Year, Women’s Voices for the Earth, Missoula, MT, 2012
  • Sigma Theta Tau Research Grant Award, 2012
  • WSU College of Nursing Outstanding PhD Student, 2014
  • Board Certification in Nursing Professional Development



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